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After The Bright Red Skies, the world of Claraeth was left in ruin. Explore this destroyed world and discover its many unique locales, in this tactical turn-based post apocalyptic JRPG.

Embark on a journey as Yarden, a ordinary young adult born into a world after a catastrophic event destroyed it. After meeting Sofie, a self-proclaimed adventurer, you set out to the wastelands and into the unknown. The decisions you make will affect the flow of the story and even the party members that join you, so think carefully. 

Bright Red Skies is currently in early development and there is now a combat demo that's released! I'd love to hear what you think about it, so please give it a try! Here are some of the features currently implemented:

  • Tactical turn-based-combat
  • Traversable world map
  • Create various squad formation
  • Working player menu UI
  • Equipment and weapon upgrading

Other future features:

  • Make decisions that can drastically change the story
  • Side quests
  • Cooking
  • Fishing
  • Mini-games!

Twitter: @mark_viola

Steam: Link

Install instructions

  • Download the .rar file and extract
  • Execute the .exe file, Bright Red Skies.exe, to begin playing the game demo!


Bright Red Skies - Combat Demo.rar 1 GB
Version 2 Oct 30, 2019

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